Low carbon sprayed concrete with Master X-Seed

Reduced CO2 emissions thanks to low carbon sprayed concrete with Master X-Seed

Low carbon sprayed concrete with Master X-Seed

Environmentally friendly sprayed concrete with the unique strength accelerator Master X-Seed

Rock strengthening with sprayed concrete is an important part of excavation.  Now, in close collaboration with Unicon, Skanska, and Entreprenør service, BASF has developed a new sprayed concrete that makes it possible to reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 20%. 
By using the unique strength accelerator Master X-Seed, it has been possible to optimize the concrete recipe so that the amount of cement can be significantly reduced.  This is achieved without compromising other properties.  The new sprayed concrete has properties that are at least as good as the current reference concrete.  The new sprayed concrete adheres to rock even better than the reference concrete.  Tests also show that it is possible to achieve reduction in the added spray accelerator.
Master X-Seed also causes the sprayed concrete to be less sensitive to temperature variations.
Master X-Seed in the sprayed concrete ensures fast and safe operation in the tunnel project.

Temperature-independent technology

Like all chemical reactions, cement hydration takes place more slowly at lower temperatures and more quickly at higher temperatures.  Master X-Seed is a unique pre-hydrated additive that accelerates early strengthening regardless of temperature.  Master X-Seed is active at all temperatures both summer and winter.

Temperature-independent technology

Master X-Seed for concrete at low temperatures and with time pressure

More and more projects are characterized by construction concrete as low carbon-concrete.  Master X-Seed is added to the concrete and ensures faster progress on the site.
Master X-Seed has also been used advantageously when there is time pressure on the construction project, and, as needed for high early strength in the concrete.
Master X-Seed can be used with finished concrete and with concrete for elements and hole cover production.

The strength accelerator contributes to lower energy consumption due to a reduced need for heating, faster hardening, and reduced CO2 emissions thanks to the use of less cement.

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