MasterFlow - grouting solutions for secure installation and alignment

 MasterFlow grouts from BASF are specially formulated to deliver high-strength structural stabilization and precision alignment even in the most demanding environments. Cementitious and epoxy alternatives are capable of handling tensile, shear, compressive and dynamic forces, and ensure effective bearing-load distribution, with zero shrinkage and resistance to fatigue and vibrations. MasterFlow grouts are globally specified and respected for:

  • Critical equipment installation
  • Support of columns and structural members
  • Chemical anchoring
  • Void and duct grouting

Precision Grouts

Epoxy Grouts


Solutions for traditional, high flow, anchor bolt, chock grouting and repair applications, offering:

  • High early and ultimate strength
  • Resistance to dynamic and vibrational loads
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Bond to steel and concrete
  • Excellent bearing area for even distribution of loads

Cementitious Grouts 


Reliable, non-shrink performance at consistencies of fluid, flowable, plastic or damp pack, providing:

  • Extended working time
  • Wide temperature range
  • High strength
  • Fluid consistency for easy placement
  • Maximize Effective Bearing Area
  • Cementitious Grouts

Specialty Grouting & Anchoring 


A selection of cable, duct and post-tensioning grouting and anchoring solutions, which are:

  • Pumpable
  • High-strength
  • Free of bleeding, settlement, segregation, shrinkage or formation of voids
  • Specific products feature integral corrosion inhibitors for added protection of embedded steel reinforcement.

Wind Turbine Grouts

Specially formulated for grouting on- and offshore wind turbine installations, they excel in long-term durability, high fatigue resistance and zero shrinkage in very harsh conditions, and guarantee a secure, fast and cost-effective installation.

epoxy grouting

MasterFlow 648 Epoxy Grout

Learn about the globally-preferred and specified epoxy grout for precision installation of critical equipment.

Equipment Grouting

Here you can access the Equipment Grouting Ressource page.