Flooring Solutions for Health and Care

Where the strictest levels of hygiene are necessary, BASF flooring offers superior solutions which meet a number of complex challenges faced by flooring in care homes, hospitals, clinics and treatment rooms.

MasterTop seamless flooring, advanced liquid-applied polyurethane systems can provide comfortable walking, noise reduction, bacteriostatic and antistatic properties, as well as the ability to withstand exposure to chemicals, wear and tear and rigorous cleaning. Because our seamless and hygienic flooring has no joints, the risk of bacteria growth and liquid ingress is minimized and surface cleanability remains extremely high.

Where harsh cleaning regimes involving hot water, steam and cleaning chemicals are used, such as in kitchens, our Ucrete flooring demonstrates the utmost resistance to high temperatures, aggressive chemicals and mechanical stress.

Furthermore, all our flooring systems are available in a wide range of colors and design options which can be adapted for anti-slip qualities, thereby creating decorative flooring which is both comfortable underfoot and promotes a safe and positive environment.

In both new construction and refurbishment work, our exceptionally durable and sustainable flooring systems can be installed and applied quickly, ensuring that public spaces, treatment areas and patients’ rooms can be quickly returned to service with minimum disruption.

Learn more about our hygienic and decorative MasterTop systems and about Ucrete which is perfectly suitable for hospital kitchens!

Flooring Solutions for Health & Care

Flooring Solutions for Health & Care 

Flooring Solutions for Health & Care

Flooring Solutions for Kitchens

Flooring Solutions for Health & Care