Solutions for the Chemical Processing & Refining Industries

BASF is a leading supplier of solutions for new construction, rehabilitation and upgrade of chemical processing and petroleum refining plants.

Whether the need is grout for support and alignment of equipment, secondary containment and waterproofing, heavy service flooring, or repair or strengthening of concrete, control and prevention of deterioration due to corrosion, or large scale concrete placement the Master Builders Solutions experts and products provide cost effective, reliable technologies. Because downtime is critical, we offer a full range of products that enable fast return to service, without sacrificing performance.

Global Products, Service and Support

Master Builders Solutions is available globally, and we work to ensure that you will have local support, regardless of project location. An organized, dedicated, networked team of professionals make it easy to find solutions on every continent.

Need help to specify and install the appropriate products with ease and consistency on every project in every corner of the globe? Then go to the Master Builders Solutions website in your region or use our Global Contact Form to request assistance in your country.

Here you can download the Power and Industry Global Brochure.

epoxy grout

MasterFlow 648 Epoxy Grout

Learn about the globally-preferred and specified epoxy grout for precision installation of critical equipment.
Heavy Service Flooring Teaser Image

Heavy Service Flooring

Ucrete heavy-duty polyurethane and epoxy flooring systems provide exceptional mechanical, chemical and thermal shock resistance for both internal and external applications, and can be installed and returned to service quickly.
Waterproofing Teaser Image


Master Builders Solutions products have proven reliable on projects for process water storage and structures and secondary containment.
Precision Machinery Grouts Teaser Image

Precision Machinery Grouts

Precision cementitious and epoxy grouts provide total bearing and dynamic load transfer to maintain alignment even under severe impact, torque and vibrational loads.
Concrete Repair

Concrete Repair

Technologies from BASF are available to repair, protect, and strengthen concrete in these harsh environments.
Durable & Speciality Concrete

Durable & Speciality Concrete

Chemical admixtures to increase concrete productivity, performance and efficiency to improve strength, durability, water resistance, aestehtics and sustainable attributes of concrete.
Concrete Protection

Concrete Protection

Chemical resistant coatings and surface treatments provide long-term resistance and protection from chemical attack in secondary containment applications.