Solutions for Tunneling and Mining

BASF, under the Master Builders Solutions brand, is the leading supplier of product solutions focused on our customers' needs in the tunneling and mining industry. With more than 100 years of experience, our innovations have become the industry benchmark. We help our customers add new dimensions to the world we live in, turning ideas into extraordinary creations.

Ground Support

Innovative ground support solutions

Sprayed concrete is widely used for ground support in tunneling. Under the Master Builders Solutions brand, BASF offers customers innovative and cost-effective product solutions and competent technical services that are tailored to specific project needs. These solutions dramatically improve working environments and lower health and environmental risks.
BASF also provides support to tunnel designers, contractors, and owners throughout all phases of the tunneling project. Our extensive know-how helps to solve ground support challenges in tunneling as well as assist with the selection of the appropriate sprayed concrete system.

Sprayed concrete

Ground Consolidation

Rapid ground consolidation solutions

As part of its MasterRoc product range of solutions for tunneling, sold under the Master Builders Solutions brand, BASF offers high performance ground consolidation products and system solutions.      

Unexpected water ingress and poor ground conditions during underground construction escalate costs and can have a negative influence on the environment. To counteract these risks, an economical approach to ground consolidation is to pre-inject the ground ahead of the advancing face to avoid water ingress and to stabilize the ground.



Total solution approach optimally meets customers' TBM needs

The Master Builders Solutions brand from BASF has broken new ground in addressing the needs of TBM tunnel professionals. Our total solution approach brings a new dimension to this challenging underground sector, enhancing the efficiency and performance of the TBM, especially in challenging ground conditions.

We offer the broadest range of products and services available to cater to the needs and problems of TBM tunneling, whether employing the soft ground shielded method or open hard rock method. By integrating from project startup, our internationally-based tunneling specialists work with all relevant stakeholders to maximize the TBM advance rate and to ensure the most successful product system from the first push.


Water management  

Solutions for safe, cost-efficient and reliable tunneling construction 

The tunneling construction industry is facing enormous challenges today: Our clients are aiming at fast, economical excavation and construction, low maintenance costs and 120 years of service life. More than ever, tunnels should be attractive, safe and comfortable. Groundwater ingress through concrete and waterproofing systems is feared by contractors and owners because it poses a major threat to their goals.
The challenge is to find the water management solution best suited for the type of tunnel conditions. And this is where we come in. BASF provides you with high-end water management solutions that are extremely effective, long-lasting and easily applied. Our water management solutions include sheet and spray-applied membranes for optimum water-tightness in drill & blast/NATM tunnels and flexible elastic coatings for cut and cover tunnels.

A watertight system with cutting-edge sheet membranes 

Sheet membranes offer an economical and reliable way of waterproofing tunnels. To prevent groundwater ingress through the tunnel lining, they are installed between the primary sprayed concrete support and the permanent concrete lining. Depending on the water conditions in the tunnel, there are different design options: single layer with double seam welding, compartmentalization to improve water tightness, and an injection system for easier maintenance and repair. The double-layer vacuum system offers maximum quality control and reparability.



  • MasterRoc WP 1700: synthetic plasticized PVC membrane for horizontal & vertical waterproofing

  • MasterRoc WP 1950: PVC waterstop for construction joints treatment & compartmentalization

  • MasterRoc WP 1780: re-injectable hose system for sealing construction & cold joints



Sprayable waterproofing membrane as a clever master plan

MasterSeal 345 is a new advanced concept for waterproofing based on a double-bonded sprayable waterproofing membrane. It can resolve technical problems which have proved difficult with conventional sheet membranes by preventing the migration of water on either side of the membrane. In the rehabilitation of old tunnels, this innovative membrane is particularly suitable for projects with limited space. It brings great benefits for concrete structures with complex geometries, offering a flexible and continuous waterproofing system without discrete joints, water stops or compartmentalization. The simple spray-on procedure makes installation very fast, getting you ahead of schedule.

Application areas:
New tunnels
Refurbishment projects
Cross passages
Tunnel intersections
Easy application by spraying with standard equipment
Two-sided bond with sprayed concrete allows for composite behavior
The fully bonded system provides excellent water tightness, preventing development of water migration in both concrete membrane interfaces

Sprayable Waterproofing Membrane, MasterSeal 345 Grafik 

Waterproofing coating 

MasterRoc WP 1800 is a flexible, seamless elastic coating on the extrados of the tunnel with fast application, an instantly reacting 2K system and high durability. The fast-setting coating can easily be spray-applied on vertical surfaces and used on complex geometries. It is fire-resistant, remains elastic at low temperatures and prevents leakage even when punctured because it bonds with the concrete.


Waterproofing: Sprayable membranes


Backfilling in underground construction

Backfill (the process of backfilling material into underground voids created by mining) is essential in many underground operations. Due to the demands caused by deeper mining operations, mine backfill is becoming an integral part of an efficient mining operation. Optimizing the backfill process leads to improvements in production, and ore and water recovery. A number of operational challenges can be resolved through chemical solutions.

The type of backfill used depends on the specific mineralogy and geotechnical requirements. Master Builders Solutions connects its understanding of the mining process, mineralogy and chemistry expertise to help mining companies resolve issues and run sustainable backfill operations, at lower costs and reduced risk.



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